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Ingenious Teacher Training

Welcome to world-class teacher training!

We believe that it's time for modern education approaches to focus on the learners and cater to their specific needs through individualisation.


“Ingenious Teacher Training“ is an advanced teacher education which can be free of charge for you via ERASMUS+. We provide you with our knowledge on innovative education approaches and keep you up to date for social networks, learning platforms, mobile learning devices, data security, digital rights, and many other aspects.

In 2018 we offer you the following courses:

All courses combine practical work, sharing experiences and the discussion on didactical material with a theoretical basis. With ERASMUS+, the EU will cover all travel expenses, participation fee and accommodation if you apply for the benefits.

Our high-quality courses are jointly created by the University Paderborn (chair of business and human resource development, Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner), a teacher training expert, and Ingenious Knowledge, an expert in the field of new media in education.

Ingenious Teacher Training — You're in good hands!

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